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Fiber To The Tower (FttT)

Bandwidth demands on backhaul networks are rapidly rising. Stay ahead of the growing demand for top-quality, high-bandwidth media-rich wireless communications with our customized designed advanced backhaul solutions to meet network performance standards, redundancy, and diversity requirements.


Accommodating the dynamic growth of data, video, and voice traffic generated by bandwidth-hungry applications is an enormous opportunity for you. Our next-generation backhaul capacity helps handle the increasing demands for network bandwidth and the ever-growing wireless market, all while reducing costs.



•     Fiber-based Ethernet and TDM services
•     Reliable connectivity to thousands of single and multi-tenant towers across 19 states.
•     Efficiently scale up to 10G
•     Seamless service from the tower to the customer’s Mobile Switching Center (MSC)
•     TDM available for backup/voice service
•     Integrated Ethernet and TDM services
•     Dedicated Tower to MTSO Transport



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