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Oct 2016

Hurricane Matthew has been upgraded to Category 4 and is now expected make landfall in Florida late tonight or early tomorrow morning. Hurricane warnings and hurricane watches have been established for the eastern coast of Florida and extend up to Charleston, South Carolina.


Windstream’s business continuity plan – which includes field activity as well as multiple, daily planning calls for key Windstream engineering, operations and business staff – has been activated and will remain in effect throughout the duration of the storm.


Our technicians are executing standard preparedness measures – such as performing system backups, testing generators and equipment, ensuring availability of fuel supply, vehicles, food, miscellaneous supplies and other required tools – in all storm-affected areas. We also have personnel stationed at storm shelters and our fuel provider is on standby.


In the event flooding reaches a site, portable generators and cabinets have been staged at strategic locations and our engineers are on call and ready to swap out equipment if necessary.


These disciplined procedures have been specifically designed and executed to keep our network and customers’ services functional. In the event of any unavoidable weather-related outages, we will restore service as quickly as possible and will continue to update this page as the storm progresses.


Windstream will continue to monitor this storm diligently, working around the clock to maintain all network operations, concerned for the safety of our customers, our partners, our employees and all those affected by Hurricane Matthew.

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