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LRWindstream is teaming up with Light Reading on Wednesday, July 20th, to present on the topic of Telco Data Center 101 at Upskill University, an online educational resource that delivers “must have” education on themes that relate to the overall business transformation taking place in the telecommunications industry.


Jeff Brown, director of product management and marketing for Windstream’s wholesale business unit, will deliver the live presentation online at Upskill University at 1 p.m. ET. The course – Telco Data Center 101 – is described as follows:


“Even as telecom operators embrace IT technology and look to virtualized services and operate them on commodity hardware, the service mix they provide requires more than the typical IT data center infrastructure. While many functions will ultimately be virtualized, many will not – leading to a plethora of dedicated appliances, servers and traditional switches and routers being needed for the foreseeable future. Performance and reliability requirements may also play a role in shaping the data center future for telecom, which may ultimately need a more distributed approach to its data center infrastructure. This course will explore how telecom is evolving its data center strategy to support virtualization as quickly as possible while maintaining service standards and supporting future services. This course prepares students for subsequent courses on the telco data center.”


Upskill U, provided by Light Reading in association with Cisco, is a unique online site where service provider and enterprise decision-makers can crowdsource the mission-critical intelligence they need to formulate business technology strategies and gain the business and technology know-how required to architect and monetize next-gen networks.


Upskill U courses are delivered by expert lecturers, including speakers from Tier 1 CSPs, leading academic institutions, and analyst firms such as AT&T, Verizon, Ericsson, Princeton, Stanford, Heavy Reading and more. Sessions deep-dive into the business drivers, benefits, challenges and best practices of transformative technology like SDN and NFV, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, cyber security, MANO, 5G, mobile video, analytics and other important developments.


During each 45-minute session, students can ask questions, interact with peers facing similar business and technology challenges, and download a wealth of additional learning materials. Courses are archived, and online educational discussions take place 24 hours a day.


“In this new environment of innovation and influx of industry players, both service providers and enterprises need to reskill in order to develop business plans that break through these barriers and boost ROI,” said Stephen Saunders, Founder and CEO, Light Reading. ” Upskill University tackles the industry’s toughest technological changes to provide industry professionals with the necessary knowledge to adapt to and thrive in the changing communications landscape.”


“With the intensifying demand for direct, high-speed connectivity into data centers to support the traffic of today’s cloud-driven world, it’s more important than ever for telecommunications companies to keep the customer experience and their unique needs at the forefront of the discussion,” said Brown. “The Telco Data Center 101 course provides a perfect opportunity to discuss all aspects of data center strategy evolution and ultimately, the key elements that lead to success – not just for telcos, but also for our customers.”


To register for this course and access the complete Upskill U schedule, visit our website: www.lightreading.com/upskillu

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