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MPLS Aggregation

MPLS Aggregation allows Carriers to utilize Windstream’s core MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) advanced IP network to expand their customer’s Virtual Private Networks (VPN) across Windstream’s nationwide footprint.   Customers establish a Network Node Interface (NNI) to the Windstream Network for routing traffic between the two networks.  Multiple NNIs can be deployed throughout the Windstream network to provide additional redundancy options for your end user’s data traffic.


After establishing and NNI, Carriers can then provision VPN services to their end-users within Windstream’s serviceable markets nationwide with speeds available form 1.5 MBps to 1 GBps.  Windstream’s VPN services provide Carriers and their end users with private, secure multi-site connections with the ability to dynamically allocate bandwidth among voice, networking and Internet/data applications to maximize performance.


• Large number of available peering locations nationwide

• A variety of Quality of Service (QoS) options to meet end-user needs

• Flexibility to change traffic patterns as business needs change

• Fully-meshed network allows sites to exchange data on the Windstream network without consuming bandwidth on the NNI

• Compatibility with all industy standard VoIP protocols and applications

• Custom designed network solutions

• 24 x 7 Network monitoring and Support

• 24 x 7 online quoting and ordering




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