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Sep 2016

Windstream Wholesale’s Carrier Portal now allows users to submit disputes directly to our Dispute team, right from the portal!  This new feature will help expedite the process via systematic approach and remove the need for multiple email threads.  To learn about this tool and start using it today, please follow the tutorial below.


Step 1: Log into Wholesale’s Carrier Portal (customers.windstreamwholesale.com) with your portal credentials. Note: If the account username / password has been lost or you’re currently not a portal user, please contact your Windstream Wholesale Account Manager. 


Step 2: From the landing page, select the following: Support > General > Dispute Tracker.



Step 2: Create a new dispute by clicking on “Create New Dispute”.




Step 3:  The user should now be on the “Dispute Submission Page”.  Users must fill in all required fields and provide any additional details which will assist with a quicker processing.



Step 4: Additionally, users can search for existing disputes using any of the following options.

Option A: 

Run report to see all open disputes.


Option B: 

Run a report to view all closed disputes.



Option C: 

Search by the Dispute Tracker ID.


Option D: 

Use the advanced search feature to locate disputes based on the parameters provided.  Simply click on the “Search Button”, located on the Dispute Tracker main page..





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