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Supplement Requests In Carrier Portal
Jun 2016
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Carrier Portal now allows users to Supplement Order Types.  Users can search by either Reference ID or by PON on the Order Manager Page.

First, select the Order Manager Link under “Transport” (See fig. 1)

Fig. 1



Next, enter either the PON or the Reference ID to locate your order. (See fig. 2)

Fig. 2



Submitted order(s) can also be accessed on the Order Manager page by clicking the ‘View Submitted Requests’ link under ‘Reports’. (See fig. 3)

Fig. 3 



These search features are available on the main page and the advanced search page – just click the ‘Order Search’ link

Once a user has located their order, they will see a ‘Supplement’ option in the top-left portion of the screen; there are three ‘SUP’ options available in the dropdown box:

• SUP-Cancel
• SUP-Requested Service Due Date
• SUP-Correction


This option will cancel the order and will also require a cancel reason. (See fig.4PressRelease_Blog_Image Fig. 4


SUP-Requested Service Due Date:
This supplement allows  change to the Requested Service Due Date.  Orders can be pushed forward from the original date.  IF the previous date has already passed, a future date must be selected.  Notes can be added to the Supplement that will append the existing order.  This option also allows a SUP to expedite orders. (See fig. 5)

PressRelease_Blog_Image Fig. 5


This option should be used to update Primary Authorizing  Contact and Primary Data Contact Information.  Notes can be added for ASR Remarks and the internal Notes section within Carrier Portal. (See fig. 6)


Fig. 6


All Supplement requests will be reviewed before processing; users will be contacted if a request cannot be fulfilled.

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