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Wholesale Service Assurance Portal (WSAP) Overview

Windstream is committed to teaming with you and delivering the highest level of personalized service available. We are continuously identifying smarter ways to make your life easier and our winning team that much stronger. Integrating online services and providing you with new functionality are two ways we will help meet these goals. To support you as you learn more about what the Windstream WSA Portal has to offer, we generated this convenient frequently asked questions (FAQ) webpage.


WSA Portal Login Information

Once you have a username and password, you will be able to log into the WSA Portal.
You will be provided a separate username and password  by your account team to access the WSA Portal. This access is specific to WSA Support.  You will continue to use your existing Windstream Online credentials to manage your Windstream account for non-technical support related functions.

WSA Portal Account Information

  1. Log in to the Wholesale Service Assurance Portal – WSAP.
  2. Navigate to Administration > User Management.
  3. Complete all required information on the creation screen. Note: all required fields marked with *.

How To Reset Your Username:

  1. The Account Administrator can reset the Users Username. If the Account Administrator is not able to reset the User’s Username, the Account Administrator should reach out to their Carrier Account Manager.

How to Reset Your Password:

  1. Visit the WSA Portal: Click Here
  2. Click on the “Forgot Username or Password” link
  3. Enter the Username
  4. Enter the Security Question
  5. Once the security question is answered, an email will be sent to the email address on file for that User. The email will contain a link for the User to reset the password.

WSA Portal Support Information

  1. Log in to the WSA Portal.
  2. Navigate to My Support Center > Trouble Ticketing > Online Ticketing.
  3. Complete all required information on the creation screen. Note: all required fields marked with *.
  1. After submitting a Request/Ticket, you can track the progress on the WSA Portal.
  2. Log in to the WSA Portal.
  3. Navigate to My Support Center > Online Ticketing > Trouble Ticket Details.
  4. Within this screen, you can view Open, Waiting, Resolved and Closed requests/tickets, including the Latest Comments. If you have saved the Support Request/Ticket incident number you are interested in, you can also filter on the individual request/ticket.
Yes. The WSA Portal supports ticket notation, and we encourage you to use this feature if and when it will help us to more expeditiously service your request/ticket. To add a note to an open support request/ticket, please follow these instructions:

  1. After submitting a Support Request/Ticket, you can track the progress on the WSA Portal
  2. Log in to the WSA Portal
  3. Navigate to My Support Center > Trouble Ticketing > Trouble Ticket Details
  4. Here you will have the ability to find and open a ticket by either:
    1. Scanning the list of open tickets.
    2. Filtering by incident number (INC00#########) and/or service item in the “Options” section
  5. Once you identified your support request/ticket, click on the hyperlinked name of that service request to open the record
  6. Here you will be able to enter a comment in the “Request Activity” section by typing in the open window and clicking “Add
  7. Once a comment has been entered, you can view the most recent comment on the “View Requests” screen
  8. Note on this screen you can also review critical details of this support request as well as resolve the support request if you feel the issue has been resolved
Windstream maintains support request history for 3 months. To access and review your support history, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the WSA Portal.
  2. Navigate to My Support Center > Trouble Ticketing > Trouble Ticket Details
  3. Search by the Circuit ID to view all of the Open and Closed tickets.
For more information or to review any of the documentation located on this page, please download the WSA Portal supporting documents.

  1. WSA Portal Overview
Watch the provided videos to get a quick understanding on how to use important features and tools, located within the WSA Portal.

Contact WSA Portal

  1. To expedite your customer support experience, please contact Carrier Operations.
  2. Windstream Carrier Operations Center 844-WIN-CNOC or (844-946-2662)
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