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Toll-Free Services

Businesses utilize Toll-Free service to enable their customers to contact them without incurring charges. Windstream Carrier customers can receive inbound, non-local Toll-Free calls and supports these calls with Geographic, Time of Day, and Percent Allocation routing and blocking features and much more.


Windstream’s enhanced 800 services provide wide range cutting edge solutions, intelligent and time of day call routing, transfers and location based services. But the innovation doesn’t end there. Windstream’s enhanced 800 platform also supports a mix of enhanced features Carriers won’t find anywhere else. Windstream’s enhanced 800 sets the pace for other toll free providers with features like E-dealer locator, Bill-to-term, support for credit card transactions, Reverse ANI which provides the 800 operator with caller information like Name, Address, City and State. Contact a Windstream Carrier Sales representative to learn more today!


•     Provides intelligent and time of day call routing.

•     Windstream toll free features set the pace for all other toll free providers

•     Windstream Reverse ANI provides 800 operator turnkey information


• E-dealer Locator

• Bill-to-term

• Credit Card Transaction Support

• Reverse ANI provides Name, Address, City, and State


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