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Transport Services

As the demands on backhaul infrastructures continue to rise, it’s critical for carriers to have reliable and diverse backhaul networks to help handle the increasing demands for network bandwidth. Our unique fiber routes deliver a cost-effective alternative for increasing capacity and raising the overall quality of networks that’s hard to beat. With Windstream’s infrastructure and diversity, we can meet the unexpected capacity demands that next-generation access networks are placing on backhaul.


• TDM, SONET, Ethernet, and Wave Services

• Unique fiber routes

• Strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


• From POP to POP

• From POP to PREM

• From PREM to PREM


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Connect to high-speed, high capacity capabilities with a Windstream dedicated DS1 service. With dedicated connections for voice, data and video communications between locations, speed, security, accuracy and reliability are significantly increased. Access between sites or the public network is fast and provides virtually error-free voice, video and data transmission at speeds up to 1.544 Mbps.


Capable of transmitting multiple streams of information, it’s ideal for upgrading or consolidating a network and provides the flexibility to allocate bandwidth to best meet business needs. Allocate bandwidth and link multiple devices or locations, or maintain one powerful connection.



Extremely efficient, DS3 is a way to build-out a virtual broadband transport network capable of supporting voice, video and data applications with minimal capital and expense outlay. Twenty-eight DS1 channels can handle multiple data streams in high volume at speeds up to 44.736 Mbps, allowing customers to send a variety of applications in a single stream of data over a dedicated line.


Upgrade or consolidate networks to seamlessly provision a high-speed dedicated channel for voice, video and data applications that are reliable and cost-effective. Customers allocate bandwidth based on their business need, maintain one powerful connection or link multiple sites, eliminate issues when connecting to distant locations or multiple devices, and control network usage and costs.


Synchronous Optical Network Transport Services (SONET)

A private dedicated fiber-based facilities network coupled with advanced equipment, our Synchronous Optical Network Transport Service (SONET) connects multiple locations. Available in two options: a non-concatenated format that delivers multiple 51.84 Mbps individual signals or a concatenated format that provides a single signal appropriate for data transmissions.


Configured with one working and one protect fiber pair, each SONET channel provides redundancy to protect the customer’s service. Should a failure occur, the SONET technology will automatically switch the customer’s transmission to the dedicated protect fiber pair.


Automatic Loop Transfer

Protect customers against failure between their premise and the wire center with Automatic Loop Transfer. A switching arrangement automatically switches the channel to an alternative channel line upon failure of a working line, preventing lost productivity while providing peace of mind.


• Protection on a 1xN basis
• Spare channel is separate
• Requires compatible equipment at the serving wire center and the customer designated premises

Clear Channel Capability (CCC)

For easier sparing and provisioning of D1 high-capacity corporate backbones, high-speed access to the global Internet, and trunking connections for internetworking, Clear Channel Capability transports 1.536 Mbps of information.


•    Twenty-four 64 Kbps over a DS1
•    Bipolar eight zero substitution (B8ZS) line coding
•    Select from: transport 1.536 Mbps information rate signals over a 1.544 Mbps High Capacity channel or over a 1.544 Mbps High Capacity channel derived from a multiplexed 44.736 Mbps High Capacity Channel

Customer Node

Used to convert the signal from an optical to electrical format, Customer Node equipment at a customer premises terminates a high speed optical channel. A Customer Node charge applies and is determined by the level of optical service (i.e., OC3, OC3c or OC12) delivered to the premises.

Customer Premises Port

Each Customer Premises Port provides the interface to derive a lower capacity service at the customer premises. Determined by the customer, the type and quantity of ports is based on the type of Customer Node selected and the number of DS1, DS3, STS-1 and/or OC3 channels ordered.


Customer Premises Port / Speed
•    OC3 / 155.52 Mbps
•    DS3 / 44.736 Mbps
•    DS1 / 1.544 Mbps


Used to convert a single, higher capacity or bandwidth circuit to several lower capacity or bandwidth circuits, multiplexing allows customers to send vast amounts of data over 1 physical line.


•    Cascade Multiplexing: Cascade multiplexing is the additional multiplexing at different dubbing locations, as well as Direct-Trunked Transport also between the hubs.
•    DS3 to DS1: Converts a 44.736 Mbps channel to 28 DS1 channels using digital TDM
•    DS1 to Voice: Converts a 1.544 Mbps channel to 24 channels for use with Voice Grade Services. Used for a Digital Data Service
•    DS1 to DS0: Converts a 1.544 Mbps channel to 23 64.0 Kbps channels using digital TDM

Add/Drop Multiplexing

Multiplexing offered in connection with SONET that allows lower level signals to be added or dropped via a channel to a Central Office Port at a specific digital speed from a high speed optical carrier channel in a wire center.


An Add/Drop Multiplexing Central Office Port charge applies to the interface provided at a Telephone Company wire center for the purpose of adding or dropping lower capacity services from Synchronous Optical Channel Service Channel Termination or Channel Mileage transport facilities.


Central Office Port / Speed
•    OC3 / 155.52 Mbps
•    DS3 / 44.736 Mbps
•    DS1 / 1.544 Mbps

(OC12 service may only be multiplexed to OC3/OC3c channels)

Transfer Arrangement

Offers customers an additional measure of flexibility in the use of their access channel(s) with a Transfer Arrangement. With this feature, transfer a leg of a Special Access Service to either a spare or working channel that terminates in either the same or a different customer designated premises. A key activated or dial-up control service is required to operate the transfer arrangement.


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