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Windstream Carrier Waves

Windstream is a leading provider of metro, regional and longhaul optical transport across the United States. Windstream is uniquely positioned to offer carriers, cable companies content providers, PTTs and other network operators high speed optical wavelengths utilizing our 100G DWDM Express core network. 


Windstream is uniquely positioned in the Carrier space to be an industry leader for inter-market connectivity. Carrier partners can take advantage of Windstream’s unique network assets in markets such as Lexington, Memphis, Knoxville, and Indianapolis, to get wave service between regional markets, and/or for high speed connections from those lower tier markets back to the carrier hotels, data centers and POPs in Tier 1 markets.


The Carrier Sales Engineering team works closely with each customer to ensure Windstream’s wave services are designed to meet each customer’s specific needs in term  of service characteristics, path protection, diversity from other providers, etc. The Windstream CSE team is a dedicated group of experienced sales engineers focused exclusively on supporting carrier customers.

Common Carrier Points of Presence (POPs) for Wave Services

Building Address City State
ALBYNYPS 11 North Pearl Street Albany NY
ASBNVACY 21715 Filgree Court Ashburn VA
ATLNGAMA 55 Marietta Street N.W. Atlanta GA
ATLNGAMQ 56 Marietta N.W. Street Atlanta GA
BFLYONYME 350 Main Place Buffalo NY
BSTPMALL One Summer Street Boston MA
CHCGILDT 350 E. Cermak Road Chicago IL
CHCGILWU 427 S. La Salle Street Chicago IL
DLLSTX37 2323 Bryan Street Dallas TX
DLLSTX97 1950 N. Stemmons Dallas TX
DNVRCO26 910 15th Street Denver CO
MIAUFLWS 50 N.E. 9th Street Miami FL
MPLSMNCD 511 11th S. Avenue Minneapolis MN
NYCMNYZR 60 Hudson Street New York NY
NWRKNJMD 165 Halsey Street Newark NJ
PHLAPAFG 401 North Broad Street Philadelphia PA
WASHDC12 1275 K Street N.W. Washington DC


Wave Service Description:


• Secure and completely transparent dedicated transport end-to-end
• Low-latency service routes available between major cities and common carrier POPs
• Multiple Diversity and Protection options
• ITU-T G.709 compliant network with Forward Error Correction (FEC) to check and correct data transmission errors
• Less than 50 millisecond OTN switching capability
• Hand-off at core network POPs available in any North America standard
• 24×7 NOC network monitoring
• 24×7 Repair Support

Wave Service Footprint

• Nationwide availability in 31 states and the District of Columbia
• Over 1,000 1G to 10G capable transport POPs

Wave Service Maps

100G DWDM Express Network

WIN Network

Wave Serivce Pricing

• Streamlined quoting and ordering available through the Customer Portal
• Standard pricing available for 1G, 2.5G, and 10G Wave Services
• Standard pricing is based upon Windstream providing customer LOA/CFA
• Separate pricing for carrier hotel cross-connects available upon request
• Route KMZ file and latency calculations are available for request when quoting


Promotion Updates

Windstream Carrier Solutions has significantly expanded available pricing for 1G to 10G Wave services between 350 Windstream network points of presence(POPs), significantly accelerating quote intervals from days to seconds. Customers using the Carrier Portal can now quote metro, regional, and long-haul Wave services in 128 cities across 32 states within the Windstream service area providing customers with over 60 thousand route combinations that can be quoted real time via the Carrier Portal.


For more information on Wave Services and the Carrier Portal, existing customers can contact their Windstream Account Executive and new customers to Windstream can contact us


Promotion Downloads

Florida Metro Waves Overview

Wave Service Bandwidth Options

• 1G
• 2.5G
• 10G
• 40G
• 100G

Wave Service Hand-off Options

• Sub 10G Services
- 1GbE
- 2.5G

• 10G Services
- SONET OC-192
- OTU2
- OTU2e

• 40G Service
- 40GbE LAN
- OTU3
- OTU3e1
- OTU3e2

• 100G Service
- 100GBASE-LR4 / OTU4

Wave Service Diversity and Protection

• Network Diversity – 1+1 OTN Switching protection on core network
• Route and Card Diversity
• Route and POP Diversity
• Custom Diversity – Customer specific route, city, or POP diversity requests

Customers can request KMZ files and latency calculations when quoting services


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