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Oct 2016
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For most of us, when we think about international transport, we think of networks and infrastructure on the other side of the globe. But what happens when international carriers require diverse connectivity solutions on THIS side of the world?


Over the past several months, the Windstream Wholesale team has been busy developing relationships with many of these international providers – primarily large carriers within their own countries that need to expand their own core networks or serve large customers in the United States.


Take a look at the following international success stories:

For the Japanese incumbent carrier with a large IP-based, U.S. network, Windstream Wholesale provided the perfect solution to meet their diversity needs, quickly installing two 100G Waves out of our DCI facility in Cologix’s Dallas site (Dallas to Chicago and Dallas to Ashburn).

Another incumbent provider in Europe – looking to upgrade its U.S. core network in the Midwest – secured two Windstream Wholesale 100G Waves (Minneapolis to Chicago and Minneapolis to Kansas) and the carrier plans to purchase even more routes in 2016.

One of Mexico’s top, full service telecom providers – seeking diversity on their core network – installed two Windstream 100G Waves designed to meet their needs between San Antonio and Dallas.

As we continue to expand our network and solutions, international carriers are increasingly looking to Windstream Wholesale. Not only do we have the ability to provide secure, unique and diverse routes connecting to Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 locations across the United States, as well as direct connectivity into several major data centers and carrier hotels, but we also have a dedicated international team, focused on providing solutions that meet the specific business needs of our international customer partners.


Interested in learning more about our network and transport solutions on this side of the globe? Click here, or contact your Windstream Wholesale representative now.

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