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Windstream's Carrier API Over 200,000 miles of fiber serving over 200 major markets

Windstream’s Carrier (Application Programing Interface) API is designed to scale with the growing demand of your business. This technology offer enables our companies to benefit from the efficiencies of doing business together in real-time. As a consumer of the API, Windstream customers benefit from the speed and simplicity of integrating our quoting process within your company. Consider the advantage of a single step process within your back office that would include instant pricing for Windstream products and our growing footprint.


As a leader in providing Carrier grade telecommunications services throughout the United States, Windstream is actively improving our customer experience by leveraging new technologies. As a consumer of our API, your internal pricing process will be improved by directly connecting to our Product Pricing Engine through a secure abstraction layer. With multiple products supported today, and a full roadmap of feature enhancements, Windstream is your partner in achieving your company’s full sales potential.


Products currently supported:

    • • Carrier Ethernet E-Access
    • • MPLS Aggregation Tail
    • • MPLS Aggregation + Internet
    • • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)
      • • DIA Premise based services
      • • DIA PoP Based Services
    • • DS1 Aggregation

Customer Onboarding: We have a streamlined onboarding process for all Carrier Customers. Please contact your assigned Windstream Representative or request information at our Contact Form.

Please review our Technical Specifications Document for the details of implementation.


Helper: Includes getProducts, getPoP, get Circuits, getNNIList, getHandoffs
Address: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/Helper
WSDL: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/Helper?wsdl
Quote Carrier Ethernet
Address: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/EthernetTail
WSDL: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/EthernetTail?wsdl
Quote MPLS Agg Tail
Address: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/MPLSAggTail
WSDL: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/MPLSAggTail?wsdl
Quote MPLS Agg + Internet
Address: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/MPLSPlusInternet
WSDL: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/MPLSPlusInternet?wsdl
Quote DIA Prem
Address: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/DIAPrem
WSDL: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/DIAPrem?wsdl
Quote DIA Pop
Address: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/DIAPop
WSDL: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/DIAPop?wsdl
Quote DS1 Agg Tail
Address: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/DS1AggTail
WSDL: https://api.windstreamwholesale.com:443/CPT/1.1/DS1AggTail?wsdl

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